Jillian attended Northern College where she graduated with honours as a Veterinary Technologist specializing in Wildlife Rehabilitation (2010/2011). Jillian became a veterinary technician because of her love and interest in both domestic and wildlife species and her desire to be an advocate for animals in need. Jillian’s special interests are in nursing care, laboratory services, imaging, and surgery.  Jillian loves coming to work each day knowing that she is making a difference in the lives of pets and their people and she is especially proud to be a part of the Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic’s team, who are able to provide care and support to pets and their family, in their critical time of need.

Jillian’s interest in wildlife brought her on a working trip to Africa, with the highlight of the trip being an opportunity to see her favourite animal, the African elephant up close and personal in their natural habitat. Additionally, she prides her self on being able to face her childhood fear of spiders, by being brave enough to handle an endangered African tarantula species, and lived to tell the tale!

Jill currently shares her life with feathery and furry family members. Her budgie “Emerald” and her two cats “Renny” and “Moxie”.