Ultrasound and X-Ray Services

In addition to emergency treatments, we also perform general diagnostic tests like ultrasounds and X-rays. These non-invasive scans are the first step we take for a large portion of the patients that come through our doors. They help our veterinarians diagnose certain diseases, conditions and injuries. Ultrasounds and X-rays also inform them of how to best address health issues – from minor to severe and everything in between. Call us at 705-741-5832 to learn more. 

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What are the risks of ultrasounds and X-rays for pets?

Both procedures are painless and non-invasive. Ultrasounds expose your pet to ultrasonic soundwaves while X-rays emit very small amounts of radiation. With our newly improved digital X-ray devices, that amount is now even smaller. In addition, we always make sure our patients (and technicians) wear protective gear during X-rays. 

What if my pet can’t stay still for their X-ray or ultrasound?

Our technicians are well versed on proper ways to restrain patients so they are comfortable and relaxed. For patients who are particularly hyperactive or react aggressively towards restraint, sedation is also an option. This way, they will not have to go through any type of emotional trauma or stress. 

How much do pet X-rays and ultrasounds cost?

Prices will vary based on the specific area to be scanned, number of areas to be scanned, as well as any type of sedation your pet may need. (Note: Larger patients will need larger doses of medication, so this will also affect the total cost.) Please reach out to our team for the most accurate estimate. 

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